Rogue Courier 4.07.01 (Patron Release)

Hello! First things first. I hope everyone had happy and yummy holidays. Second, while this version has no content update (both in story or hentai). It has important changes in the game core engine, mechanics, bugfixing and the new Skill System. To try the new Skill System, simply go to Bartolina, Emoru’s fight or Madam Rama Side Quest. Soon, some […]

Rogue Courier 4.07.00 (Public Release)

Public version is here! Enjoy! Also, our Artist has changed the name again to Dakzky, since Creamy Love Juice was way too long and this time is final. =) Don’t forget to follow me and Dakzky’s twitter accounts so you can receive updates on your twitter feed. Cya! ~Pink Cookie Games Dakzky Twitter Pink Cookie Games Twitter Version 4.07.00 NEW […]