Rogue Courier 4.05.00 (Patron Release)

Version 4.05.00 it here! This version features a new scene from Shizi and an unlocked Shyon scene for everyone below silver tier. We have been hard working on the background to fix bugs and also develop the new skill system. I can say it’s going pretty well. Still needing some balance. Also, we are testing the new battle system with […]

Rogue Courier 4.04.00 (Public Release)

Sorry for the delay this time guys! Thanks for supporting us! WARNING: Autosave uses save slot 10. If you have an important file saved file on that slot I recommend you to backup it. ~Pink Cookie Games Version 4.04.00 NEW FEATURES -New Guest Character on Toro-Toro, Sativa Lockhard. (Silver Tier only) -4 Sex scenes added for Sativa Lockhard. (Silver Tier […]