Rogue Courier 4.04.00 (Patron Release)

Hello all! Version 4.04.00 has hit the shelves! And with it, the new guest Chika Sativa Lockhard on Toro-Toro for Silver Tier, according to our new Patron rewards, she was the most voted character. For other tiers, we have unlocked an older Lindia scene that was locked for Silver Patrons. While this version doesn’t have following in the story, we […]

Rogue Courier 4.03.00 (Public Release)

Public version is on! Have a nice weekend! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 4.03.00 NEW FEATURES -1 New Sex scene Added (Rama). -Revised and redesigned the Battle System. BUG FIXES -Fixed a bug that occurred whenever you lost a fight with Halina on the Bartolina, you couldn’t try again since life don’t heal properly. -Fixed a wrong indication of the quest […]