Rogue Courier 4.02.00 (Patron Release)

Hello! This build has the new skin system we promised for the new Silver tier rewards. With it, you can change Halina skins (and other characters in the future). Also, as promised too, we are unlocking a silver tier scene for all patron tiers and public. Right now it’s Cynth number 3. Pretty hot one, so check it out. All […]

Rogue Courier 4.01.01 (Hotfix)

Sorry for the delay guys! As mentioned before I had issues with my computer, now that I have new hardware it’s all good to go! This is version 4.01.01. While it’s just a couple minor hotfixes, they are very important to avoid soflocking the game or having a glitched bartolina fight. Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 4.01.01 BUG FIXES -Fixed […]