Rogue Courier 3.13.01 (Patron Release)

Me and pinoy have found some bugs and a missing silver patron cumshot on the new Artii scene, so it’s added now. That means if you’re a Silver Patron, some scenes will have a new cumshot button for an extra cumshot animation apart from the regular orgasm one. Some bugfixing follows as well. Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.13.01 NEW […]

Rogue Courier 3.13.00 (Patron Release)

Hello all! The past weeks things have been hard for me. I had some personal issues, and while it delayed some new features on the game system (party system more specifically). Pinoy covered for us and made some new and awesome scenes. That apart, it seem my life has returned to normality. With that, we are officially developing the Episode […]

Rogue Courier 3.12.01 (Public Release)

3.12.01 public is good to go! Also, btw, we will have another High FPS scene this week, so check it out. ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.12.01 NEW FEATURES -Mac version avaiable. -2 New Euphoria’s Bio-back scenes (one of which is silver exclusive). -Remake of Artii’s sex scene #2. BUG FIXES -Fixed a bug that was making dialogue boxes not disappear. […]