Rogue Courier 3.11.00 (Public release)

3.11.00 public version is up fellas! Reminding that your save files from prior versions won’t work with this one, so new save files are also up. Happy new year! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.11.00 NEW FEATURES -2 New Euphoria’s Bio-back scenes. -New quest window interface. BUG FIXES -Fixed a bug that caused a softlock when opening a glitch to travel […]

Rogue Courier 3.10.00 (Public Release)

Version 3.10.00 for public is right here. Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.10.00 NEW FEATURES -New quest! Complete Rama’s request. -Two new pics. -One new sex position with Shyon (Silver Patron only). BUG FIXES -Fixed a bug that made the travel mode cursor disappear if the mouse was moved outside of the screen. -Fixed a bug that could softlock the […]