Rogue Courier 3.10.00 (Patron Release)

Version 3.10.00 is coming out of the oven for you all! This time we introduced a fetching quest that will require you to visit some places, and a nice pic as a reward. This quest will also open some new possibilities with Rama in the future. We also included another pic. It has futanari content, but it has a filter […]

Artii High FPS Scene (Gold Patron Only)

Hello There! Artii High FPS Scene 1 is on the hand! This one is pretty hot. Also, beginning now, we’ll change the nomenclature of builds from “EXE” to “WIN”, since there isn’t anymore “SWF” builds. Also, other good news for Mac users, Rogue Courier full game for Mac is already on test and should be released soon! Enjoy! -Pink Cookie […]

Rogue Courier 3.09.00 (Public Release)

Hey all! Releasing version 3.09.00 for public. Just want to say sorry for the delay on this version since me and pinoy have been working nonstop on the latest updates. Not to mention, MacOS version is coming soon. Thanks for all of your support. ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.09.00 NEW FEATURES -New quest! Race Shyon unto the asteroid field! -Two […]