Rogue Courier 3.09.00 (Patron Release)

Hello! Version 3.09.00 is finally up! This was quite a large version, we have a brand new side quest with a brand new character named Shyon. Also, we added an intro for Halina and some other small changes. This extra quest has an interesting asteroid-dodge minigame and some backstory for this new character. I hope you all enjoy! TIP *IMPORTANT*: […]

Rogue Courier 3.08.00 (Public Release)

Hello! 3.08.00 public version is here! Sorry about the little delay! As mentioned on the patreon post by pinoy earlier today, we won’t be releasing the swf version this time. If you want to read more about this decision, Click Here Have fun! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.08.00 NEW FEATURES -Replace Artii sex position #1 with a new one -New […]

Rogue Courier 3.08.00 (Patron release) (exe)

Hello! We are now releasing version 3.08.00 for patrons. Unfortunately, flash version had a few issues on this build, so we decided to put that apart for now, so we don’t delay the release any longer. Flash version will come during this week though, sorry about the inconvenience. We also will be having a high fps scene for gold patrons […]