Rogue Courier 3.07.01

Alright guys, we had some game-breaking bugs on the last released version (most due to the new save game system). So this is the bug fixed version. However, I managed to include some minor things me and Pinoy have been working too. The odds on this version is that scenes which haven’t been unlocked need to be unlocked again, so […]

Rogue Courier 3.07.00 (Public Release)

Hello all! Here it is, version 3.07.00 for public. Enjoy! ~Pink Cookie Games Version 3.07.00 NEW FEATURES -One new sex position with Halina. -Replaced Rama’s first sex position with a new one. -New save system with 10 slots to save the game. -Area names now flash on the screen when you enter it. BUG FIXES -Corrected many minor bugs. CHANGES […]